Why I chose to sell at a start-up over a corporate job?

Author: Pooja Parashar

After completing MBA, I worked with well establish ventures for a good time period. ‘Brand matters’, that’s all, I had heard from college seniors. As a BD professional, it’s easy to sell if your company’s brand is well-known. But life is not always about easy things, as we sayJ. After a short sabbatical, I faced two choices. On one hand was a reputable brand in the industry. On the other hand was a job offer from a small startup. I knew one thing that job at corporate, would be simpler, build good relationship with management (for a reason I call it mnnnagement J), meet deadlines, and go home; that would be all.

But I guess, I had done that for quite a long and now it was time to take a jolt. Fortunately, I met right people at the right time and start working with a start up. Besides, having the wrecked mind to take jerks in my life, I had few more reasons to work for a start up rather than going for a corporate job:


Reason 1:  It’s your company: When you are with a company right from its inception, you feel more at home. The company, the projects, the success becomes your own, rather than company’s owner. Because you are a single digit team, you are important to the company and company is important to you. You tent to lose yourself and always work as a team.

Reason 2:  You trust the management: Yes, for the first time, I trust the management. Entrepreneurs are different, the true innovators. They approach problems differently and hence they are the best people to learn from. For sure, they challenge you, to be multi-tasking, push working hours, to go that extra mile. But when you get appreciated for the same, you feel satisfied at your work.

images (1)

Reason 3:  Amazing working atmosphere:  Imagine a conference room as your working station, your meeting room, you eating place and your sleeping place. You feel passionate for the work. Everyone else who works at a startup has the same drive and enthusiasm for work as you do. You share experiences, learn and innovate at the same time. Fewer rules; more work; everything that I have been longing for.


Reason No 4: Every project is the last on this earth: When you work at a start up, you need to convince that one person, win that one project; you need to have that one client. And, when you win that one project, you need to deliver it putting everything of yours on stake. Every project becomes so important, and that one recommendation from the client makes your day.

Reason 5: the real test: Selling is never easy but when your brand has top ten industry clients in their basket, the other clients want to at least meet you, if not giving you work. But what if nobody knows your brand; you have team experience but no company experience? That’s the real test of your selling capabilities. I believe that if you have the best backend team and if you truly believe in the capabilities of your team, nothing can stop you and your start up.

So here I conclude saying, working at a start-up, doesn’t only mean that you and your small team are the only people responsible for your success; it also means that you are only responsible for the failures. For sure, you can have the privilege of working at the a start up but that does come with a huge responsibility. For few people, that may set off a response to go creep into a corner and hope some corporate comes and adopts them with fat paychecks. For others like me, it’s the greatest motivation ever. No matter where you go after giving your contribution to that start up, but for sure the skills you picked up to make that contribution, will power everything that you do.

And Believe me, if you’re victorious, the stress is all worth it:


3 thoughts on “Why I chose to sell at a start-up over a corporate job?

  1. Hi In the corporate sector whatever you stress to reach your goal,finally you can see that somebody in the higher up’s is enjoying your credits.In my exp of 25 years in corp sector i had done so many achievments in marketing,manufacturing,PR, etc…but when i look back…nothing is with me and everything belongs to company and you are a sweet nothing….


    • Hello Ayub! Thanks for the comment. First of all, you are/were with a company for a reason; either monetary or work satisfaction. You get paid for the job done or appreciated at that time. Why would you expect something else? I believe even if you are satisfied at your work; that’s all.. That’s all you need.. Maybe you leave as a sweet nothing but you must have picked up skills, experience and lots more from that company and those things will stay with you..


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