‘My Way or Wi-Fi Way’

Author: Pooja Parashar


I want to grow global and tell me who doesn’t? As a businessman, it’s your dream to make your business/product/services/or even yourself, global and that’s the main reason you have hired your whole marketing team. So, you have hired marketing gurus in your company; but have you told them to adopt the kind of marketing strategy for your business. Is it going to be ‘My Way or Wi-Fi Way?’ You got it right; is it ‘Traditional Marketing you are going to embrace or the ‘On-line Marketing’? But before selecting either traditional marketing or internet marketing, through market research is very important for successful marketing campaign.

Selecting Traditional Marketing or On-line Marketing very much depends on your target market, type of business you are dealing in, your capability, budget, and of course the sales targets you are aiming at. I agree when it comes to local marketing, traditional marketing (TV, Radio, Print media & Outdoor Marketing) is a time-tested and effective way to make your business popular. But when comes to growing global traditional marketing shows its dark side to us in terms of high cost, more man power, and limited customers reach.

So, what is the solution when you aim for the high sales target under constraint budget? Is on-line marketing is what your business requires in this digital time? So, why you should either develop or strengthen your presence on-line? Do we have some advantages for On-line Marketing over traditional marketing? Do we only have to focus on-line marketing and ignore traditional marketing?


Let’s try to find some relevant answers to the above questions:

  1. Less cost: Start your own Blog (I already have two), Facebook page; do your own SEO, SMO and that too free of cost or a very little cost. You can develop your own on-line marketing strategy for a very less cost in comparison to traditional marketing channels like putting your advertisement in Print media, Radio, TV, yellow pages etc. Moreover, manpower needed in digital marketing is far less than the traditional marketing.
  2.  Real-time checks and measures: Unlike traditional methods, you can see in real time what is or is not working for your business on-line; you can modify, add, or change the on-line marketing strategy swiftly to improve your results. There are numerous tools for measuring website-traffic or to measure specific goals you want to achieve for your website or blog.
  3.  Global Reach: Anyone can see, find and know about your business, anywhere in the world from one marketing campaign with almost negligible cost. You get business directly from the consumers irrespective of the time zones and cultural difference. Your marketing campaign can be available in any foreign language which breaks almost all the global barriers you have in your business as well as in your mind.
  4. Viral effect: How often do your sales brochures or road hoardings get passed around instantaneously by your clients in traditional marketing? On-line marketing while using social media share buttons (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn) on your website, email and social media channels enables your message to be shared incredibly quickly and reach masses with the shortest span of time.

Finally, as we all know and agree to the point that digital & social media marketing is indispensable in this age of technology. Digital marketing not only reinforces your sales but also tells you where and when to make a strategy change. Having said that and being a true enthusiast for digital marketing, I would suggest you not to ignore any traditional media that your customers already use and what has worked in the past and of course don’t ignore your target market and customers while choosing marketing strategy.

Though the ‘go gaga’ word these days is digital marketing still being a wise marketer, if we argue on which medium is best, the ultimate answer would be ‘the one which works’.


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