Cold Calling: Hot Business

Cold Calling: Hot Business — the very first step of Business Developemnt

Drenched Words

The last one week I have been busy in getting fodder for my next post. I spoke to my peers in business development in India; both fresher and experienced. I read a few articles on HBR, and lot many sites like that. They all spoke about high BD position and the international strategies which are must for hitting the bull’s eye. But, suddenly one of my friends asked me a question and I dumped all my research and redid the post again. The question was HOW WE CAN START? The question was simple. We talk about big firms which already have an established name in one’s country and are trying to establish in another or a firm which is already established both nationally internationally. But what about the firm, I am starting? What about the firm you are starting. Nobody knows our company. They just have a small inkling about our…

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